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@KilroyCafe is no longer actively updated. We had a great 18-month run, but we have now moved to our new twitter account: @BadDalaiLama. Follow us there! However, the old account is fully archived and searchable. Below is information on @KilroyCafe as of the date of last posting....

@KilroyCafe was tweeted by Glenn Campbell, peripatetic hyperprolific content generator. See menus above or Glenn-Campbell.com for links to all my blogs and websites.

Twitter Notes for @KilroyCafe as of the date of last posting... (for the @BadDalaiLama, see his Welcome Page)

  1. Here is a permanent archive of all my tweets from birth on April 20, 2009 until Sept. 19, 2010 (the birth of @BadDalaiLama). This archive is searchable...

  2. Search for Key Words:
    (Case and word order are ignored. Partial words are okay. Negate with -.)

  3. For another archive through Sept. 19, 2010 here are all my tweets on one big page (except the latest) courtesy of BackupMyTweets.com (This archive may include some duplicates and corrections.)

  4. There is currently no archive of @KilroyCafe after Sept. 19, 2010. (but no significant content was posted after that).

  5. Check out my FavStar page for tweets of mine that other people like. Latest

  6. I no longer "star" tweets from my @KilroyCafe account, since I do all my reading now through @BadDalaiLama

  7. Unless you see quotation marks around something (or "RT" before it), each tweet is my own original work (trademarked, copyrighted, patent pending, etc.). Feel free to retweet and quote it as you wish, as long as reasonable credit is given and you don't claim it as yours. (If you doubt my tweet is original, search it in "quotes" on the Google twitter search or regular Google. Bet you won't find it before I said it!)

  8. You can contact me at glenn@kilroycafe.com

  9. Check out my Twitter Style Guide for tips on how to improve your own tweets. (May be out of date.)

  10. I have a lot of great tweets in my archive that no one has ever noticed. You can give them new life by retweeting them. In the archive, click on the "view/retweet" link to go to that tweet on Twitter.

  11. Check out my Philosophy Essays and Videos (the Kilroy Cafe newsletter) which are often related to the same topics as my tweets.

  12. Feel free to friend me on Facebook. (Most of my Facebook page is public anyway, so if you prefer "just lurking", that's fine, too.)

  13. All of my photo albums are stored on Facebook and indexed on RoamingPhotos.com (perhaps delayed by a few weeks). For the latest additions (no delay), see my Facebook albums.

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